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With value of photos increasing old standby, Flickr, is renewed.

We all know, by now, how much value (increasingly) photos have gained as content on the social channels.

Pinterest is, in large part, responsible for this but GooglePlus like photos, too, and…well, let’s face it, we all like to look and great photographs.

The increasing value of pix has certainly not been lost on good ol’ photo-sharing site, Flickr. Under the new leadership of Marissa Mayer who became CEO of Yahoo (which owns Flickr).

“Flickr has risen to great potential and is now at the forefront for both mobile and desktop technology, with the farthest reach into the social networks and providing tools for heavy duty photographers as well as businesses and hobbyists as well as programmer serving those groups,” explains Relevanza’s Birgit Pauli-Haack.

Pauli-Haack put together a quick tutorial one of the many uses of Flickr for one of our supported organizations, NFN4Good, a project of the Naples (Florida) Free-Net which helps non-profit groups enhance their presence on the InterWebs and social spaces.

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